Our Story

I've always loved creating my own hair care remedies. I started sharing my products with my friends and family and thus Ella’s Kurls was born in my very own bathroom! 


Experimenting with different products, I would unpick the components from various ingredients and marvel at how each one would transform my hair on its journey to healthy hair. I would have some great results, and others not so fantastic, however finding out I was pregnant in 2016 shifted my focus a little; I knew what I wanted to do, but I wasn’t sure how, and so my passion for great hair care products was put on the back burner. 


During my maternity leave I wanted to share my journey of motherhood with others, and so I started to blog my experience. After uploading a post on what combination oils I use for my daughter’s hair, I received a tremendous response from parents all over the world, Australia, Ghana, Germany, America and the Netherlands are just to name a few. A number had tried my method and were seeing some great results, others were just happy to relate, and at that point, I knew Ella’s Kurls had already started to make a difference...


With my baby on board in 2017, I was in awe of my beautiful girl, and that meant taking care of what would become her beautiful golden tresses - her hair! I was determined not to use any harsh chemicals on her skin and so I started making my own concoctions of skin and hair products just for her use. To my dismay, at 6 weeks old I noticed some white residue on her scalp, and after doing some research I discovered it was the dreaded cradle cap. 


I made an appointment with the doctor who suggested I use olive oil to treat the hair hating disease. However, I figured out all too quickly that the oil was far too heavy for my daughter’s hair, causing greasiness and for the scalp condition to worsen. 

Upset and almost defeated, I turned to my husband who said: “why can’t you just make her something for her hair?” It was that eureka moment that got me whipping out my ingredients and utensils again. Doubt did creep in at one point, and I remember thinking “does my husband think I’m a Doctor?”. Having nightmares about my daughter losing her beautiful hair to cradle cap, I refused to back down from this challenge. After creating what is now African Black Soap Shampoo, the cradle cap soon subsided and my daughter’s hair continued to flourish.